Our Swiss based, highly qualified, skilled and experienced consultants support you with software consulting and development services in the field of embedded systems. Our local consultants typically have over 15 years of experience in the field of software - architecture, design, development/testing. We work in an Agile way, delivering high quality software iteratively and punctually.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Requirements Engineering
  • System Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Agile Coaching (Scrum, TDD, CI)
  • Project Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Processes (V-Model, Scrum)
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Management Systems

Attention To Detail


Urgent demands from market call for fast response in development of new products or extending features of an existing product. You are falling short of resources or your existing resources are already over-booked, thus creating a void. Sounds familiar ?! Well then... we have solutions to cater to exactly such scenarios.

Painstakingly, through stringent selection process and past experience, we have identified & collaborated with offshoring engineering services companies across Europe & India. These collaborations are not scattered freelancers but well-managed organizations.

Using our large pool of offshore development teams, we can support you with engineering services to fill up this void. Complete project or sub-projects can be offshored to our development teams spread across Europe and Asia, thus lifting the burden off your shoulders. At the same time, we don't just hook you up with a bunch of resources and leave you hanging. We will instead, completely manage the offshoring team and the offshored project for you. We will stay in front and be your point of contact and take complete responsibility of the deliverables. Our consultants have worked in multi-cultural environments in multi-disciplinary fields.


We work in an Agile way in distributed scrum teams. We conduct daily calls with our offshore teams to stay seamlessly connected. This ensures that your project requirements are correctly met on time. We use modern web based tools to manage our projects and stay Agile.

How It Works...


How You Benefit...

Local Project Management in Switzerland by greymatters

  • Rich experience in complete product life cycle
  • Agile methodologies, distributed scrum, incremental product deliverables
  • Professional project planning and budget planning
  • Undertake total responsibility of timely deliverables
  • Single point of contact (the local manager shall provide regular status & progress updates in addition to optional direct communication with development team)
  • Regular (daily) coordination with offshore team
  • Excellent communication skills with inter-cultural working background

Rich Mix of Choices

  • We select the best team and offshoring partners for the exact project needs. These are organizations and not free-flying freelancers !
  • Companies with certified quality norms such as ISO9001, CMM level 3/5, ISO13485
  • We collaborate with companies ranging from small, medium to large based on the project needs

Cost Optimized Development

Together with our offshoring partners we cater to a wide spectrum of industries/domains










greymatters GmbH is a Swiss based company, offering software consulting, software development & managed offshoring services.

Our Strengths:
  • Software Consulting & Development: Highly qualified, skilled & experienced Swiss based consultants/engineers
  • Solid networking: For our offering in the offshoring/outsourcing sector, we have a solid network of highly skilled professionals, with rich experience across various industries to suit most of our customer requirements. Bring us your requirements and we shall find you the best solutions for it.

Painstakingly, through stringent selection process and past experience, we have identified & collaborated with offshoring engineering services companies across Europe & India. These collaborations are not scattered freelancers but well-managed organizations.

In our business model for offshoring/outsourcing, we do our best in bringing value to your projects by taking active part and contributing significantly to software development/project management. And just to be clear, we are not a HR recruiting firm.

Our Philosophy:

Art & Joy of Engineering

Successful projects/products that stand apart from many similar ones in the market, often has a “wow” factor. Only a good innovative idea combined with simple but efficient planning, disciplined execution, along with a constant eye on quality, can lead to that goal. While most of the time, one gets to hear such mantras from business schools, for us it is much more. Engineering to us, is like art. One can make a product that has latest and greatest technology, but what makes it different, is when it has a style and a flavour of its own. A piece of software when architected and implemented well, shows a style, an elegance. When one loves doing what he does, it reflects in the end-result. We breathe, sleep and eat “bits & bytes”! Technology excites us, and it is our passion. That is why we are in this business. We enjoy every bit of work we do, and we do it in style!

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